Make those last checks

1 week out
With one week to go, plan your social, schedule a tech rehearsal and make sure you're ready.

Your goals this week

13 May 2024

Make your final preparations. 

With one week to go it’s a good time to make sure you have everything you need and have set your game plan for the event. 


  • Plan your social media coverage.
  • Prepare for documenting your event.
  • Prepare for collecting audience feedback.
  • Schedule a tech rehearsal.


Set a game plan for the event and divide up roles if you can. There can be a lot to think about while your event is running and you may forget to do things in the flurry of activity, but extras like attendee feedback and photos are great to have. 

Attendance numbers

Set a reminder to record attendance numbers. (You may forget in the flurry of activity.)

Video recording

If you’re recording your event (e.g. your webinar), consider where you will upload it to (like YouTube, Vimeo), and what level of permission you will share it with If the information is private, you may wish to upload it as ‘unlisted,’ If not, you may wish to make it ‘public’ and share it on your social media pages and via email. We can also share your recording on the Law Week website. 

Feedback from your attendees

Aside from getting a sense of how your event is being received by observing and speaking with attendees, you may wish to create a physical or digital feedback form. Think about how to capture what matters for attendees and what information would help you measure success.

Social Media Coverage

Before you engage in any social media coverage, remember to always obtain consent from participants and be mindful of whether it is appropriate for your event, particularly if your attendees are part of vulnerable groups.

  • Share behind-the-scenes action (perhaps a photograph of your presenter, or venue bump-in) on Instagram Reels or Facebook Live.
  • Capture photographs from the day and post these to your Instagram and Facebook Stories.
  • If you created a hashtag for your event (for example, we’ve created #VicLawWeek2024 for Victorian Law Week as a whole), monitor this hashtag and reshare attendee-generated content that has been shared with you.
  • Post dot points or key facts about information shared during the presentation, so those tuning in on social media can also gain some valuable information. 

Schedule a tech rehearsal

Remember that the toolkit has a wealth of resources to help you, as you put the final touches on your presentations.


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Need more help?

If you have any questions about this toolkit, it's content, or have any other queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us
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