Join us for Victorian Law Week

Over 150 in-person and online events to help you identify where the law can help understand your rights, find legal and learn more about the law.
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We all need information about our legal rights and responsibilities.
A person wearing a mask putting up their hand to ask a question at a Victorian Law Week community event.

Help people to understand the law

A Victorian Law Week event may be a great chance to share what you know.
Get Involved
A person in a community setting,  delivering information to a group of Law Week event attendees

A week to learn more about the law

A state-wide program of events that makes learning about the law easy.
Several people at a long event table talking and looking at brochures.

Understand your rights

Support is available to understand your rights and what you can do when they are ignored.
Understand your rights
Several people in a local library meeting room listening to a presentation.

Discover Victoria’s Legal System

There are many different parts to the legal system and it can be complex, but there is help to find your way.
Learn more about the law

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Victorian Law Week Program is LIVE!

March 28, 2023

We are thrilled to release the Victorian Law Week 2023 program.

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