Coming up at Victorian Law Week

Woman and child at laptop
Hear from Eastern Legal Community Centre on the ins and outs of fines and infringements.
A group of young children gathered around an open laptop in a classroom setting
Uncover the role of anti-discrimination law in supporting students with disabilities in primary and secondary education.
Miniature house and normal sized keys in open hands
Is your rental home in need of repairs? Renters are invited to a free pop-up event to ask questions about repairs in your home.
Assorted donuts on a blue background
An event for young people to connect with lawyers over everyone’s favourite sweet treat, donuts!
Thinking with book

Many of life's problems can have legal answers

Whether your problem is big or small, once in a lifetime or every day, learn how the law can help.  

Where to go for legal help

If you find your problem is a legal problem, there is help available.

What's on at Victorian Law Week

Victorian Law Week events are held online and in-person, across Victoria to learn more about the law in your life.
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We’d like to thank the organisations whose generosity has enabled us to produce Victorian Law Week 2024.