Logo: Victorian Law Week 15 - 21 May 2023

Everyday problems can have legal answers

Managing issues with something you’ve paid for

Many problems in our lives can have legal answers.

Understanding whether your problem has a legal aspect could help you resolve it.

Victorian Law Week is an opportunity to identify where the law can help with these and many other common problems.

  • Find help if you’ve been scammed
  • Get a refund on a faulty product
  • Resolve energy bill mistakes

If you identify a problem with a product or service you bought, there are many resources available.

Featured events

Lady standing facing the camera Infront of a white background.
Tapping into rights and responsibilities

Join Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria), Catherine Wolthuizen, for an informative webinar on energy bill payment issues, disconnection rules, complaints, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

Goods and services

Find legal help for everyday problems

When we have a legal issue, one of the hardest parts of getting help is knowing where to look. These four steps can get you started on solving your legal problem.

Steps for finding legal help