Make your event a success

Build your audience and registrations with targeted and meaningful promotion.
Tips ranging from creating your event to promoting to new audience.
A group of people, sitting on the floor around a small table, participating in a Victorian Law Week workshop event.

Launch your event

After the program is released, it’s time to share your event listing with the world!
Event launch
A person holding a poster talking with people at a community event.

Tell other people about it

Once you’ve announced your event, it’s time to share your event with other networks.
New audiences
A person sitting at a table, with a coffee, filling in a worksheet.

Plan to ensure success

With a few weeks to go, it’s time to get your event ready and prepare for your final promotional push.
Get prepared
A close-up of a person holding a brochure while standing in front of a table displaying a range of brochures.

Make those last checks

With one week to go, plan your social, schedule a tech rehearsal and make sure you're ready.
Final steps
Several people at a long event table talking and looking at brochures.

Victorian Law Week 2023 is here

Good luck! Add these final reminders to your run sheet
It's go time!
Two people holding brochures as seen through the screen of a mobile phone that is filming them.

Share the experience

Here's what you can do after your event.

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