Solving problems with your house and home

Housing is a big issue and it carries rights and responsibilities, whether you own or rent your home. Understanding our legal system can help you navigate problems at home, and help you find solutions.

Mould and damp

Mould in your rental property? What legal steps can you take, and who can you contact for assistance?

Tenants in Victoria have legal rights to a mould-free living environment. If your landlord fails to address a mould issue, you can take legal steps to compel them to remove it and address the underlying cause.

This can include making a complaint to VCAT and seeking compensation for damages or health effects.

There are a range of organisations to help you deal with mould and damp:

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Dealing with a difficult landlord

There are legal protections for tenants who have difficult land lords. Under Victorian law, landlords are required to comply with certain obligations, such as maintaining the property in a reasonable state of repairand ensuring tenants have quiet enjoyment of the property.

If communication with a landlord fails, tenants can seek legal help to resolve the dispute, which can include orders for repairs or maintenance and compensation for damages.

There are a range of organisations available to help you deal with a difficult landlord:

Managing debt and mortgage stress

There are a number of agencies which can offer advice and help if you’re dealing with debt and/or mortgage stress.

Organisations can assist with issues including Centrelink debt waivers and debt recovery issues, management of debts from consumer goods, and options for homeowners who are finding it difficult to meet their mortgage payments.

There are a range of organisations available to help you manage debt and mortgage stress:

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Many problems in our lives can have legal answers

Victorian Law Week – May 15-21 – helps Victorians find legal answers to everyday problems, get legal help and learn more about the law.

Victoria Law Foundation Executive Director Lynne Haultain said with more than 200 in-person and online events taking place across Victoria, Victorian Law Week makes learning about the law easy.

“Victorian Law Week is an opportunity to identify where the law can help you solve problems with your home,” she said.

Events and activities are run by a range of legal, community and government organisations, with the program managed by Victoria Law Foundation.

Whether it’s a webinar to help navigate contract issues, delays, disputes and claims, an in-person session to help you use the law to make your home mould free, or a discussion on lodging public housing complaints, there’s an event that could help you.

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Standing up for your rights

Your rights are protected in many different ways and support is available to help you understand your rights and what you can do when you think they’ve been ignored.

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Managing issues with something you’ve paid for

If you identify a problem with a product you bought or service you paid for, there are a number of resources available. Understanding whether your problem has a legal aspect could help you resolve it.

Catch-up with Law Week 2023

If it's your first visit or catching up on something you missed, our on-demand events are available well after Law Week.

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