Navigating family and relationship issues

Many problems in our lives can have legal answers. Help is available to resolve relationship problems through every stage of life. Understanding whether your problem has a legal aspect could help you resolve it.

Separating from a partner?

If you are separating from a partner the law can help. The Family Law Act 1975 outlines the rights and responsibilities of separating couples, including arrangements for children, division of property and finances, and spousal maintenance.

There are many resources with guidance and advice on your legal options, help you negotiate with your partner, and represent you in court if necessary.

There are a range of organisations available to help you if you are separating from a partner:

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Learn about wills and powers of attorney

The law provides guidelines and regulations for creating and managing wills and powers of attorney. These govern how your assets will be distributed and how financial and medical decisions will be made for you if you ever become unable to make them yourself.  

There are agencies which can help you write, update or dispute a will or powers of attorney, as well as providing advice on related matters such as estate planning and trusts.

Find family violence support

If you are experiencing family violence, the law can offer support and protection. Family violence covers different forms of abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual, and financial, in intimate relationships or between family members.

The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 provides legal options for obtaining intervention orders and seeking safety and support.

Legal and support services can provide advice and help you apply for an intervention order, as well as help you to access additional family violence support services.

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Many problems in our lives can have legal answers

Victorian Law Week – May 15-21 – helps Victorians find legal answers to everyday problems, get legal help and learn more about the law.

Victoria Law Foundation Executive Director Lynne Haultain said with more than 200 in-person and online events taking place across Victoria, Victorian Law Week makes learning about the law easy.

“Victorian Law Week is an opportunity to identify where the law can help you navigate family and relationship issues,” she said.

Events and activities are run by a range of legal, community and government organisations, with the program managed by Victoria Law Foundation.

Whether it’s a Q&A on family violence and your rights, an in-person session on your will and power of attorney, or an over-the phone legal advice session with family lawyers, there’s bound to be an event that could help you.

Featured events

Family Violence, the law and your rights, information and Q&A session

Discover legal options and support for family violence at this WEstjustice presentation.

Unsure about your Will and Power of Attorney? Plan for your family's future (afternoon session)

Get free advice on updating your Will and Powers of Attorney with Ebejer & Associates Lawyers during a 15-minute session. Ensure your documents reflect your current intentions.

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Learn about Victoria’s legal system

The legal system is large and complex and can be a bit intimidating, but there is help to find your way. Understanding whether your problem has a legal aspect could help you resolve it.

Find more at Victorian Law Week

Join us for events held online and in-person, across Victoria.

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