Managing issues with something you’ve paid for

If you identify a problem with a product you bought or service you paid for, there are a number of resources available. Understanding whether your problem has a legal aspect could help you resolve it.

Have you been scammed?

There are lots of resources which offer guidance and support in investigating scams, recovering lost money, and taking legal action against scammers.

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 Get a refund on a faulty product

If you’ve purchased a faulty product, you have the right to a refund, replacement, or repair under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Get information and advice on your consumer rights, all the way up to legal action, from:

Resolve energy bill mistakes

If you have received an energy bill with mistakes, you have the right to dispute the charges and seek a resolution.

These organisations can give you information and advice on energy billing regulations so you can enforce your rights:

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Make a complaint about an organisation

If you have a complaint about a business or an organisation in Victoria, there is help available on how to make a complaint and seek resolution. Resources are available to assist you in filing a complaint with the appropriate regulatory body and advocating for your rights.

There is also information and advice on consumer protection and dispute resolution options. Understanding your rights and the options you have for making a complaint can help you address issues and seek resolution.

There are a range of organisations available to help you to understand how to make a complaint:

Many problems in our lives can have legal answers

Victorian Law Week – May 15-21 – helps Victorians find legal answers to everyday problems, get legal help and learn more about the law.

Victoria Law Foundation Executive Director Lynne Haultain said with more than 200 in-person and online events taking place across Victoria, Victorian Law Week makes learning about the law easy.

“Victorian Law Week is an opportunity to identify where the law can help you navigate problems with goods or services and help you find solutions,” she said.

Events and activities are run by a range of legal, community and government organisations, with the program managed by Victoria Law Foundation.

Whether it’s a workshop on consumer rights and scam prevention, an in-person session to understand scams and how to stay safe online, or an on-demand webinar on energy bill payment issues and consumer rights and responsibilities, there’s bound to be an event that could help you.

Featured events

Protecting yourself: consumer rights and scam prevention workshop (Chelsea Heights Community Centre)

Join our workshop to learn about your consumer rights, how to avoid scams, and get a free legal health check. Enjoy a light lunch while gaining essential knowledge to protect yourself and others.

Understanding scams and how to stay safe online

Join our virtual law week event to learn how to spot scammers and where to go for help if you've been scammed.

Tapping into rights and responsibilities

Join Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria), Catherine Wolthuizen, for an informative webinar on energy bill payment issues, disconnection rules, complaints, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

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A person with outstretched arm holding a model house in their hand.

Solving problems with your house and home

Housing is a big issue and it carries rights and responsibilities, whether you own or rent your home. Understanding our legal system can help you navigate problems at home, and help you find solutions.

A group of women walking down a street, participating in a protest, holding signs.

Standing up for your rights

Your rights are protected in many different ways and support is available to help you understand your rights and what you can do when you think they’ve been ignored.

Find more at Victorian Law Week

Join us for events held online and in-person, across Victoria.

Event program