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Join Victoria Law Foundation as we discuss the importance of legal capability and how it can be improved with better data through a conversation with Eastern Community Legal Centre

The law can feel inaccessible. There are many systemic and intersectional factors that may affect someone’s ability to successfully access justice, we call this their ‘legal capability.’

So if we don’t have data for these attributes, how can we truly identify and address gaps?

Legal capability is a core element to the Victoria Law Foundation’s Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS), looking at how people see, understand, and engage with the law. When looking at how this data is applied in practice, Eastern Community Legal Centre’s intake and triage approach is a great example – considering capability, tailoring services to needs, and creating a sustainable approach with room to grow.

Join us as we sit down with Eastern CLC to discuss legal capability, and how better data can improve service.

- Donna Askew, Director of Partnerships and Community Development, Eastern CLC
- Chalita Ugrinovski, Quality and Evaluation Manager, Eastern CLC
- Prof Nigel J. Balmer, Research Director, VLF
- Dr Hugh M. McDonald, Principal Researcher, VLF

The discussion will be live streamed and available as an on-demand resource after the event.

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Victoria Law Foundation

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