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VCAT’s 25th Anniversary: Part 3: "From a hardcopy past to the future of AI in decision-making”

In this video, Member Claire Bennett dives into the past, present and possible future of the Planning and Environment Division, discussing the evolution of contemporary operations and what role AI may play in the future of the justice system.

For Law Week, in VCAT’s 25th year, we invite you to join us for a brief seminar with several key speakers as we discuss VCAT’s past, present and future.

This event will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain insight into the ever-changing jurisdictional environment that has shaped the hearing and resolution of millions of cases over our quarter century.

Join Deputy President Ian Proctor, Member Claire Bennett and Senior Member Jonathan Smithers as they discuss their experiences and views of the past, present and future!

A link to the recorded presentation will appear here once Law Week starts.

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