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Tamsin Paige: social perceptions of law through the lens of pop fiction

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Join us for an evening with Tamsin Paige on maritime crime, international law, and pop culture's impact on societal understanding of law

Tamsin Paige is a Senior Lecturer with Deakin Law School and periodically consults for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in relation to Maritime Crime. Her work is interdisciplinary in nature, using qualitative sociological methods to analyse international law.

Her work has examined (among other things) Somali piracy, UN Security Council decision making, and conflict based sexual violence. Tamsin is currently writing a book on how pop culture representations of law shape and reflect how society views and understands concepts of law and justice and their place in society.

From zombies as an allegory for terrorism to modern day privateers on the cyber seas, Tamsin specialises in International Law, Sociolegal Theory, Ethics, Law and Literature and Queer Theory. Join us for an interesting evening that will make you look at your fiction collection through a new lens.

As a request for those that are immuno-compromised, please consider wearing a mask when attending this event. 

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