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Sexual harassment in the workplace: an intersectional response

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This free one-hour panel discusses the new legislation on preventing workplace sexual harassment and sex discrimination, and taking an intersectional approach to ensure workplaces are safe, fair, and equal for all.

This session will explore the new legislation requiring a positive duty on employers to prevent workplace sexual harassment, sex discrimination and victimization. It will also explore taking an intersectional approach in preventing gender-based harassment and discrimination so that workplaces are safe, fair and equal for all. 

Learn what steps employees and employers can take in ensuring the positive duty is complied with and benefits all.

This free one-hour panel discussion aims to cover the following:
- The positive duty on employers to prevent workplace sexual harassment, sex discrimination and victimisation, as a result of the Respect@Work amendment to the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 _(Cth)
- Overview of the findings and recommendations of the WLSV _Gender and Intersectional Inequalities: Power and Privilege in Victoria’s Legal and Justice Workforce report

- How employers can apply an intersectional lens to the positive duty.
- Veronica Belot – Victorian Government Solicitors Office (Managing Principal Solicitor in the Workplace Relations and Occupational Health and Safety branch)
- Dr Monica Campo - Women’s Legal Service Victoria (Acting Director Education and Engagement)

The event will conclude with a Q&A with the audience.

Book your place now for what promises to be an interesting and
informative event.

Presented by:
Law Institute of Victoria

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