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'Political Unrest on the Gold Fields' exhibition at the Old Treasury Building

Two groups of men fighting a battle on goldfields.
Explore the events that sparked the Eureka Stockade, a pivotal moment in Australian history, at the exhibition showcasing the Ballarat Reform League's demands for fair representation and an end to unfair taxes.

“Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

On November 11, 1854, miners held a mass rally at Bakery Hill in Ballarat and formed the Ballarat Reform League. The League drafted a four-page charter calling for fair representation, no property qualifications for MPs, payment of members, and manhood suffrage (votes for all men).

The Charter also demanded the immediate ‘disbanding’ of the Gold Commissioners and the ‘total abolition of the diggers’ licence tax’.

Discover the events that lead to the Eureka Stockade that would change the course of history.

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Old Treasury Building

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