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Mouldy home? Solutions to this and other rental problems.

A judge's gavel and a toy house, with justice scales in the background.
Come along to the Shepparton Library to learn about how you can use the law make your home healthy and mould free. This session will include information about tenants rights.

Did you know mould in your rental property is an ‘urgent repair’? This means your landlord needs to urgently remove mould in your property *and* address the reason causing the mould.

Goulburn Valley Libraries are hosting Tenants Victoria, Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre and BeyondHousing to talk about the legal steps you can take to get rid of mould in your home, and to apply for compensation if the mould isn’t removed.

Join us for afternoon tea and a discussion about the effects of mould on your home and health, share your own stories, and talk to one of our lawyers about your issues and what you can do about them.

Presented by:
Goulburn Valley Libraries

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