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How to protect yourself and your assets if your relationship ends

A wedding ring with a broken heart next to it.
When a relationship ends, what is the best way to protect yourself and your assets?

Nicholes Family Lawyers will answer this and other pressing questions about family law, including:

1. Does Family Law treat a de facto relationship any differently to a married couple when a relationship ends and it is time to divide assets and liabilities?
2. When does a relationship ‘officially’ become a de facto relationship?
3. Is it true that when a relationship ends (de facto or marriage) all assets are split 50/50?
4. What is the best way to talk with my partner about signing an asset-protection ‘prenup’ agreement (also known as a Binding Financial Agreement)?
5. Can I sign a ‘prenup’ at any stage of my relationship – at the start, during, or immediately after?

Join us for this special live online event.

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Nicholes Family Lawyers

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