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Family Violence, the law and your rights, information and Q&A session

Two women sitting opposite each other on a couch. One looking down and talking whist the other is holding a tissue and crying.
Discover legal options and support for family violence at this WEstjustice presentation.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about family violence and its various forms, as well as its impact on individuals and families. They will gain an understanding of their legal rights and options, including obtaining intervention orders and accessing legal support.

An expert from WEstjustice will explain the legal process involved and the role of the court in addressing family violence. Additionally, attendees will learn about the range of services that WEstjustice can provide to victims of family violence. This presentation is designed to provide a comprehensive and informative overview of family violence and the available legal options and support, and we invite you to join us for this important discussion.

Presented by:
Yarraville Community Centre

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