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End of life planning guide (Charlton Neighbourhood House)

An elderly couple in the park. The sun is setting in the background. The man has a young girl on his shoulders.
Get your free 'End of Life Planners' guide! A valuable resource to plan for the future and communicate your wishes to loved ones. Come pick up your copy today.

We're excited to offer our community a helpful resource for end-of-life planning - our 'End of Life Planners' guide - completely free of charge!

Although it's not a replacement for legal Wills and Powers of Attorney, this guide is a great tool to ensure that your loved ones are aware of your wishes across a range of important areas.

We invite you to come and pick up your copy today and begin the important process of planning for your future. Let us help you navigate this sensitive topic with care and consideration.

Presented by:
Charlton Neighbourhood House

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