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Family and relationships
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Empowering Support: Legal Processes for Family Violence and Relationship Breakdowns (South Gippsland)

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Join us at PICAL to learn about legal processes for family violence and relationship breakdowns. Discover how to access affordable services for intervention orders, child custody, property settlements, and more. Refreshments and lunch provided.

Join us at Phillip Island Community Centre to support those fleeing family violence or relationship breakdowns. Learn about legal processes and affordable access to services with our partners, including VLF, Gippsland Community Legal Centre, and David Luscombe and Associates.

Discover how to prepare:
- intervention orders
- child custody
- parenting orders
- property settlements
- divorce decree nisi
and more.

Our presentation will also cover representation in local Magistrates Courts and Circuit Courts.

Enjoy refreshments and lunch while we help you find the assistance you need.

Presented by:
Phillip Island Community and Learning Centre Inc ("PICAL")

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