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Drafting and challenging a Will

An elderly couple signing a will on a desk
Learn how to draft a Will from experienced succession lawyers

This interactive webinar will discuss the legalities of drafting a Will and things to consider when challenging or contesting a Will, from experienced succession lawyers.

This webinar will cover:
The legalities of drafting a Will
·      What can legally be included in a Will? Can it include pets?
·      Is a homemade Will legally binding? What are the risks?
·      What are the formal requirements? What happens if it is wrong?
·      When is a Will invalid?
Challenging a Will
·      When can the validity of a Will be challenged or contested?
·      When can the distribution under a Will be challenged or contested?
·      How to minimise the risk of your Will being challenged
·      Family issues to consider when drafting a Will
·      Who pays the legal costs of a Will being challenged or contested?

This webinar will include a 5-10 min Q&A with the audience at the end. 

Presented by:
Law Institute of Victoria

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