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Community justice in practice: the Neighbourhood Justice Centre

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The Neighbourhood Justice Centre outline how they support the community and uphold justice in a holistic way, combining a court, support services, legal agencies, and an innovation team under one roof.

At the Neighbourhood Justice Centre (NJC), we work together to address underlining causes of offending behaviour. Our specialist teams look at justice innovation, how to improve access to justice, crime prevention, community capacity building, and specialist programs on community conflict resolution.

The NJC was designed to:
- promote community justice innovation to reduce reoffending and crime rates
- enhance community perceptions of safety and confidence in the justice system
- improve access to justice for the community.
- champion problem solving approach to justice
- allow the establishment of a multi-jurisdictional court
- implement a fairer Victoria, particularly for the vulnerable members of the community

Magistrate Noreen Toohey OAM: Magistrate at the NJC
Alycia Ashcroft: Education and Public Programs Manager at the NJC
Rachel Powning: General Manager of the NJC


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Victoria Law Foundation

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