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Common law and the community: tort law’s place in social change

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Is there a risk that tort law’s development might lag behind rapid social change? Who will drive it forward? What role does the profession have?

Tort law is not a relic of the past or frozen in time. Its virtue is in its ability to respond to new wrongs and social challenges developed through the common law and statute law. But is there a risk that tort law’s development might lag behind rapid social change?

Chaired by His Honour Judge Pillay, Greens List barristers Peter Hamilton and Yusur Al- Azzawi will deep dive into these issues and more, with a particular focus on tort law avenues for:

* Responding to climate change;
* Addressing family violence;
* Assisting the LGBTQIA+ community;
* Representing disenfranchised minority groups;
* Promoting diversity and access to justice.

Presented by:

Peter Hamilton
Yusur Al-Azzawi

Chaired by: His Honour Judge Pillay

Presented by:
Greens List Barristers

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