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Burmese Financial Counselling Clinic

Two people sitting across from another on a desk. One with a contract in front of them and the other taking notes in a notebook.
The Burmese Financial Counselling Clinic offers financial counseling and legal advice to the community, with community workers providing interpretation for case work and information dissemination.

Burmese Financial Counseling nih Phaisa lei buainak a ngei mi siseh, zulhphung lei he peh tlai mi pawl chimh le bomh hi kan rian a si. Kan zung I rian tuan tu hna he Comminity hruaitu hna he rian kan tuanti I holh zong an leh piak. Cacawn Ninga nip oh ah zung kan hawn I appointment he pumpak in tawn khawh kan si. Telefon in appointment zong lak khawh a si.

The Burmese Financial Counselling Clinic provides financial counselling and legal advice. Community workers liaise with the community and provide interpreting for case work and information dissemination. Our Clinic operates on Fridays and appointments are available face- face or by phone. The clinic operates 9am-5pm with appointment bookings from 10.30am-3.30pm.

Presented by:
Westjustice Community Legal Centre

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