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Breaking the mould: interrogating rental laws, our homes, and mould

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Discover how to tackle mould in your rented home at Tenants Victoria's 'Mould Report' launch, featuring a panel of experts and a pop-up legal clinic.

In Victoria, mould is an ‘urgent repair’ and should be fixed by your landlord as soon as possible. But is this happening?

Join us for the launch of Tenants Victoria’s inaugural ‘Mould Report’, drawing on the experiences of renters who asked for help last winter.

Learn about how the law can help you tackle mould in your own rented home, with a panel conversation involving experts on the social and health impacts of mouldy homes.

Our panellists:
• RMIT’s Dr Nicola Willand: an architect with research interests in sustainability in the built environment, and housing as a social determinant of health.
• The University of Melbourne’s Professor Rebecca Bentley: the leader of the Healthy Housing Research Group, with research interest in the role of housing and residential location in shaping health and wellbeing in Australia. 
• Dr Tim Law: an architectural scientist with a research interest in the impact of the building microbiology on health.
After the event join us for a ‘pop-up’ legal clinic to get information on mould from Tenants Victoria’s expert lawyers. 

Presented by:
Tenants Victoria

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