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A Guide to Small Business Restructuring- Melbourne

Hear from Leila Chalk (Partner at Forty Four Degrees) and Ned Talic (Director of Charles & Co) on the Small Business Restructuring process

We’re excited to announce that as part of Law Week 2023, Forty Four Degrees will be partnering with Charles and Co to present ‘A Guide to Small Business Restructuring’.

What is small business restructuring? Small Business Restructuring (SBR) is a process introduced by the Federal Government in 2021 to enable eligible business owners to retain control of their business while restructuring their debts.

Leila Chalk (Partner) and Ned Talic (Director) will be addressing
- Who is eligible to utilise SBR?
- What are the benefits of SBR?
- What might a restructuring plan look like?
- What are a business' obligations when undertaking SBR?
- What is the role of a lawyer and restructuring practitioner?

If you would like to join us remotely via video conference, please email hello@fortyfourdegrees.com.au

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